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Interactive Wooden Cat Toy

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This Interactive Wooden Cat Toy is a kind of toy that arouses curiosity. This is the type of cat who loves cats who seem to understand. The ball doesn't pop out so you don't have to worry about running out of ball if you play too much so you can chase the ball around. Cats can enjoy it without getting tired. Drive the cat crazy!

Main Features: 
  • Built-in wooden balls: This toy has built-in wooden balls. The ball makes a sound when it rolls. It is very interesting. It can attract the cat's attention, increase the cat's exercise, and relieve the cat's bad mood.
  • Good stability: Good stability, hard to fall. You can play with the cat that spins around the balls! Rolling the ball with a cat hit stimulates your hunting instinct and is great for indoor exercise and stress relief.
  • Interesting: This Two & three-layer toy is very interesting. It can attract the cat's attention and make the cat never get bored again. Suitable for one or more cats to play together, you can also play with cats together.
  • Safety: This product is made of safe material, made of environmentally friendly wood, non-toxic, and will not harm the cat's health.

Product Info: 
  • Material: Natural Wood.
  • 2 Layers Available. 
  • Every Layer has wooden balls.

Size Info: 


Style Diameter(cm) Height(cm)
2 Layer 19 8
3 Layer 26 11
Style Diameter(inches) Height(inches)
2 Layer 7.48 3.15
3 Layer 10.24 4.33

Package Includes: 

1 * Interactive Wooden Cat Toy

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