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About Us

Sibling love is so like our growing love for our pets, and as owners, we want to impart this same love towards the services we provide our loyal customers. Our furry friends deserve the love and care from us, as part of their family. Through our products and services, they would definitely feel that love.

Whether it is for a dog or a cat (and soon to cater to even more pets), we want to ensure that our services and the supplies we sell for are focused on the pets because in the end it will all be about them. Everything should be in place for them to feel secure, stay healthy, and of course be happy. After all, we only want what’s best for our pets and nothing less will do. And of course, having a happy pet will transcend through to the pet parents (or owners) and eventually make them happy too!

Our premium quality products will serve what our main aim is—to provide happiness to pets that will in turn bring joy to their pet parents. Providing for our valued customers does not stop with selling premium quality products. We go beyond just service because we can achieve the best possible customer satisfaction. This is mainly because we genuinely value our customers and their pets and are willing to go all the extra mile needed to achieve that. 

While we are already offering a wide range of quality products and accessories for our pets, there will be some instances that customers want a specific item that is not easily found on the market. We are eager to extend our services to find that particular item or accessory for our beloved customers to honor our promise of satisfaction. This gesture is something that we are doing with our recurring customers as our extensive approach towards achieving a stronger relationship with them.

All in all, as we aim for diversifying our product range further, we are keeping the quality of our service and our products as consistent as possible.

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For more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact us anytime here at and we will be happy to accommodate you.


PetsFM Team

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