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Cat Anti-Scratching Tape

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Our heavy-duty adhesive not only adheres strong to soft fabrics (like a sofa, armchairs, leather, carpet, and suede), but also to hard surfaces like table, stools, door, and floor. Act as a strong guarder to keep your furniture scratch-free.
Main Features:
  • Kitty hates the stickiness of the tape on furniture – stops scratching. It’s the easiest way to save sofas, couches, leather, beds, tables, counters, doorways, screen porches, and more!
  • Ultra-Thin (0.01mm), Strong Adhesive Transparent Double-Sided Tapes– Unlike another anti-scratch tape, It is fully transparent and unnoticeable. When your baby pet grabs or licks your sofa or other furniture, it will be repelled by the stickiness. After a few times, it will be trained to avoid the places that make it annoying.
  • No Glue, Safe to Use on Any Surface – Our cat-proof tape easily adheres to any fabric. It’s also safe for hard surfaces like tables, chairs and countertops, and even carpets. It can be removed without leaving a stain. It can be reused if the surface was cleaned before applying.

Product Info:
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: approx. 43 * 30 cm / 16.9 * 11.8 inch

Package Includes:

8* Cat Anti Scratching Tape

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