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Automatic Bubble Pet Feeder

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Keep your pet happy and healthy!

The Automatic Bubble Pet Feeder is a transparent ball, simple and exquisite shape, suitable for any kind of decoration style room. This pet double bowl combined a food bowl and water bowl, practical, beautiful, and more convenient.

Perfect for tired and busy pet owners.


  • Transparent water receptacle can provide vital hydration for pets continuously and automatically replenish water throughout the day, saving you the trouble of changing the water every day and make sure your cats or dogs can drink fresh water every day.
  • The capacity of the bubble water feeder is 1.8L, this capacity meets the daily drinking water needs of all the pets. And you can understand the water level through transparent water polo in time so that your lovely pet can drink fresh water every day.
  • Continuous water double bowl upper and lower split design, which can change the direction of the double bowl according to your preferences, it can also be used separately or stacked, suitable for a variety of pet eating habits.
  • Auto per water dispenser is made of environmentally friendly materials and has a larger capacity(1.8L) bubble design tank.  The clear transparent plastic allows for a quick check on water levels.
  • Removable stainless steel food bowl, with a detachable water tank with spring, mount for easy setup, and no spilling.

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