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Cat Duvet Cover Set

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A good night’s sleep starts with the right bedding, and that includes a soft, snuggle-worthy duvet cover. This Cat Duvet Cover Set has a special design that will match your unique taste in home decoration selection and non-faded colors will increase the freshness of your bedroom. Also, this is the best gift for cat lovers.

Product Info:
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Type: Duvet Cover and Pillowcase.
  • Season: All Season.
  • Weight: 0.8-1.3kg/1.76-2.87lbs.
Size Info:
Size Duvet Cover(cm) Pillowcase(cm)
AU Single 140*210 50*75*1 pc
AU Double 180*210 50*75*2 pcs
AU Queen 210*210 50*75*2 pcs
AU King 220*240 50*75*2 pcs
EU Double 210*210 50*75*2 pcs
EU King 240*220 50*75*2 pcs
UK Single 135*200 50*75*1 pc
UK Double 200*200 50*75*2 pcs
UK King 230*220 50*75*2 pcs
UK Supking 220*260 50*75*2 pcs
US Twin 173*218 50*75*1 pc
US Full 203*228 50*75*2 pcs
US Queen 228*228 50*75*2 pcs
US King 228*264 50*75*2 pcs
Size Duvet Cover(inches) Pillowcase(inches)
AU Single 55.12*82.68 19.69*29.53*1 pc
AU Double 70.87*82.68 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
AU Queen 82.68*82.68 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
AU King 86.61*94.49 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
EU Double 82.68*82.68 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
EU King 94.49*86.61 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
UK Single 53.15*78.74 19.69*29.53*1 pc
UK Double 78.74*78.74 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
UK King 90.55*86.61 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
UK Supking 86.61*102.36 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
US Twin 68.11*85.83 19.69*29.53*1 pc
US Full 79.92*89.76 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
US Queen 89.76*89.76 19.69*29.53*2 pcs
US King 89.76*103.94 19.69*29.53*2 pcs


Package Includes:

1 * Cat Duvet Cover Set (Duvet Cover + 1 or 2 Pillowcase)

Note: See size chart how many pillowcase/s included per set.

Note: No comforter included

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