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Cat Sleeveless Sweater

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This Cat Sleeveless Sweater is handmade and well stitched. The workmanship is just like a sweater made for humans. Simple but well Designed according to the cats’ body Lines, so they perfectly fit their body. This Cat sweater is easy to pull on and take off and good for daily wear.
Main Features:
  • Soft & Lightweight: Use soft fabric, comfortable and elastic, do not irritate the skin, very light, and warm after wearing.
  • Fashion theme: Knit sweaters to create stylish and warm sweaters that never go out of style.
  • Easy to clean: Sweaters can be washed by hand, just like regular clothes, or by machine with clothes of similar colors.

Product Info:
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Season: Autumn
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Process: Handmade
Size Info:

Size(cm) Neck Chest Back
Recommend Weight(kg)
XS 14 22 20 1
Small 16 26 25 1-2
Medium 18 30 30 2-3
Large 22 34 35 3-4.5
XL 26 38 40 4.5-6

Size(inches) Neck Chest Back
Recommend Weight(lbs)
XS 5.51 8.66 7.87 2.21
Small 6.3 10.24 9.84 2.21-4.41
Medium 7.09 11.81 11.81 4.41-6.62
Large 8.66 13.39 13.78 6.62-9.92
XL 10.24 14.96 15.75 9.92-13.23


Package Includes:

1 * Cat Sleeveless Sweater

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