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Electronic Walking Dog Toy

White With Socks
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This Electronic Walking Dog Toy is a good partner for children. It can play interactive games with other pets, puppies or puppy stuffed animals playing and being happy all day long! while teaching your children how to take care of animals.

Main Features:
  • Lovely outline, soft and smooth fur. Kids fondle admiringly.
  • They can walk, wagtail, act like a spoiled child, bark. Interesting, just like a puppy.
  • Can be sound controlled, and controlled by a leash, kids can enjoy walking the dog.

Product Info: 
  • Material: Plush and Plastic
  • Battery: 3 AA 1.5V Batteries
  • Size: 23*21*13cm

How to use: 
  • Install 3 AA Batteries in puppy's stomach, Push the ON/OFF switch.
  • With the leash on, press the button on the leash, it will walk, bark, nod, and wagtail.
  • Without a leash, it can be sound controlled, you clap or talk to it, it will walk, bark, etc.
  • Without the leash, pat its head, chest back, or ass it will walk, bark, nod, and wagtail.
Package Includes:
    1 * Electronic Walking Dog Toy

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