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Puppy Medical Care Suit

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Our Puppy Medical Care Suit can prevent the pet hair from falling around without affecting the normal shedding, at the same time, it can solve the problem that it is difficult to clean the pet hair on the sofa, clothes or floor. Making it safe that the interaction between your pets and kids who are allergic to pet hair.

Dogs who have high energy or anxiety will benefit from the snug, gentle pressure of the dog onesie. Its calming benefits can help ease anxiety, and keep your pup calm during thunderstorms, firework shows, and separation anxiety.

Main Features:
  • The patent-pending Puppy Medical Care Suit is an onesie that contains the dog’s hair within the suit to reduce the shedding, while still allowing the dog to shed naturally. The perfect solution to contain dog hair in the house, car, or anywhere you don't want to leave a trail of hair! Spend less time sweeping and vacuuming and more time cuddling!
  • The Puppy Medical Care Suit snug fit applies gentle pressure, making dogs feel more calm, confident, and secure. Whether its thunderstorms, fireworks or separation anxiety, the Puppy Medical Care Suit can soothe your pup into relaxation when wearing the calming shirt.
  • The jumpsuit can be used to replace the bulky, uncomfortable medical cone; covers hot spots, post-surgery use – surgery sites, prevents scratching, licking and itching, protect and alleviate allergies and other skin conditions. VETERINARIAN APPROVED AND RECOMMENDED.
  • Use on hikes for tick prevention and protection from other bugs, pests, stickers, and burrs. Shield from cold weather and wind, prevent hair freezing in the snow, offers UV protection, keeps your dog clean when outside or at the dog park or beach. It is a must when traveling in the car and going on outdoor adventures.
  • Made from our proprietary fabric called Shed-Tex, which is recycled polyester and spandex made from recycled plastic bottles. Shed-Tex is lightweight, breathable, and four-way stretch, ensuring the dog stays cool and comfortable. Allows for full mobility and does not hinder any movement for the dog.

Product Info:
  • Item Type: Puppy Medical Care Suit
  • Material: Polyester

Size Info:

Size Back Length Neck Chest
S 55cm / 21.7" 31cm / 12.2" 48cm / 18.9"
M 58cm / 22.8" 33cm / 13" 52cm / 20.5"
L 60cm / 23.6" 35cm / 13.8" 54cm / 21.3"
XL 61cm / 24" 37cm / 14.6" 58cm / 22.8"
XXL 65cm / 25.6" 54cm / 21.3" 80cm / 31.5"


Package Includes:

1* Puppy Medical Care Suit

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