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Rotating Feather Cat Toy

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What your cats would do when you went out? Scratch the sofa, furniture or feel bored then sleep all day? This Rotating Feather Cat Toy will exercise your cat satisfies, natural instinct with fun to keep your cat busy when you are away.


Main Features: 

  • Interactive Toy: Ideal for play, the feather teaser inside make irregular activities around, keep your cats away from boring, and fulfilling their hunting instincts and sense.
  • Safety Design: Made of environmentally friendly ABS material offers the highest standards of safety, which resistant to scratching and biting.
  • Keep your cat healthy: Focused, interactive play can help reduce behavioral issues that arise from your cat is bored. The cat toy helps keep your cat nimble, physically fit, and mentally stimulated.
  • Long press the auto key for power on/off.

Product Info: 
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Requires 4 AA Batteries.
  • Product Dimension: Diameter(23.3cm/9.17"),Height(6cm/2.36")

Package Includes:
1 * Rotating Feather Cat Toy

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